Nature generously provides us with an abundance of gifts such as gemstones that can add value and beauty to our human lives. At SuddenShrines, my mission is to incorporate these gifts into handcrafted products that will bring peace, harmony, health, and maybe even a little positivity and growth into your life.  

We all enjoy adorning our bodies and homes with objects that are visually appealing. But, why not go a bit further and choose ornamentation that will harness positive moods or feelings? With my unique handmade jewelry and decor, you’ll invite the positive energies of the universe into your home or work place. How is this possible? Let’s take a brief look at the history of gemstones and explore the meanings and effects of some of these precious stones. You might be surprised by what you’ll discover.

Centuries of Fascination with Gemstones and Their Powers

Throughout history, gemstones have held a place of reverence and distinction. In fact, certain rocks and minerals were thought to be imbued with mystical powers. Others were believed to invoke evil spirits. Nevertheless, gemstones continue to be one of the world’s most captivating natural wonders.  

We are all familiar with birthstones and the meanings associated with them. But, are the other gemstones also assigned specific purposes or effects? The answer is yes. Below are just a few of the ways gemstones have been used through the centuries because of the perceived powers they possess.

Meanings and Uses of Popular Gemstones

These are some of the stones used in my jewelry, and a brief description of their meanings and uses throughout history. This will help you determine which stone is appropriate for your needs:

  • Amethyst – Chosen for its beautiful purple color. This stone is associated with healing and inner strength.
  • Rose Quartz – This pink crystal is associated with the wave motion of love and is also known to heal and purify a tired mind.
  • Citrine Quartz – This citrus colored quartz is associated with abundance and positive energy.  
  • Lapis Lazuli – This beautiful blue stone was used to relieve anger or negative feelings. It’s believed to enhance insight and spirituality.
  • Labradorite – A multicolored stone that is used to awaken the owner’s talents, inspire an adventurous spirit, and relieve stress.
  • Fossils (ammonites) – It is believed that these stones hold the primordial Earth energy. It helps the owner exert his or her innate power, gives life force, and increases vitality.  
  • Howlite – It is usually a white gemstone with a unique pattern and is used for meditation, mental clarity, and enhances imagination.
  • Turquoise – It has a unique color mixed with light blue and green and is some of the oldest jewelry in the world. It is known for its ability to foster honest thoughts and repair negative energy.
  • Blue Opal – This rare stone is known for its spiritual healing properties. It is believed that the stone releases stress, improves communication, builds self-confidence, and give courage to its owner.
  • Amazonite – Named after the Amazon River, this stone has a light green color. It is known to keep its owner’s energy in balance, heals the aura, improves self-reflection and self-actualization, and helps overcome adversity.

I also use copper on many of my designs. This metal is known for helping the wearer release stagnant energy and gain vitality. When used in jewelry and decor it acts as an excellent conduit amplifying the effect of paired materials while providing an attractive accent.

Why You’ll Love Sudden Shrines Products

When you adorn your home and body with SuddenShrines products, you’ll invite emotional, physical, and spiritual balance into your life. I choose gemstones that exert positive vibrations to dissolve the physical clutter or negative energies in your environment.  

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