All artists have their preferred mediums. My preferred medium is copper. Rich with history, spiritual, and healing properties, copper is an amazing metal!

Copper was the first metal ever to be mined by prehistoric humans. It started back in 5,000 BC mainly in the Middle East. It was considered valuable throughout many ancient cultures as adornments and in spiritual rituals. Many Egyptians used it to clean water and wounds. Affluent ancient Egyptians used it body adornments to accentuate their wealth. Today, copper is still popular as it is useful in conducting electricity. It is such an excellent conductor that the modern technology age would not exist without it. Additionally, copper is still considered as a grounding metal for the mind and the spirit when worn as jewelry and body adornments.

Copper, worn as an adornment, has many healing and spiritual properties. Wearing copper can help absorb the metal directly through the skin. It is an excellent way to absorb lesser amounts of the metal directly into the bloodstream without overwhelming your body. Wearing copper helps to promote circulation and can also help with arthritis. From a spiritual perspective, copper is considered a strong healer. It creates balance and promotes healing. It helps to calm and soothe the spirit. It is also considered as a protector, warding off uninvited energies.

Copper is my preferred medium. It is a great conductor. I can transfer my artistic energy and creativity while working with it. It is a timeless metal. Sometimes when I am working with copper, I close my eyes and try to imagine its origins. Copper can be melted down and re-casted – repeatedly. It is ever-changing and yet resilient. The first time I ever worked with copper, I felt a connection – a kinship. I truly enjoy with working with it and developing new pieces for Sudden Shrines.

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