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Alternative Healing With Handmade Jewelry

healing stones

The world we live in can feel fast-paced, harried, and hectic. So many people run around all day, struggling to complete their to-do list, running from home to work and back again, and cramming errands in along the way. Many people feel disconnected from the earth, disconnected from other people, and even disconnected from themselves. […]

The Power of the Arrowhead

arrowhead necklace

Native American Indians’ spiritual beliefs and rituals were complex, mysterious and symbolic. Their traditions were passed down from one generation to the next through signs and symbols. They created pictographs to convey stories using shapes that resemble specific persons or physical objects. These pictograms were their way of sharing feelings, emotions, dreams, visions, and complex […]

Beginner’s Guide to Chakras: What is Chakra?

what is chakra

You’ve probably heard about chakras, but never really explored their meaning or how they contribute to our physical and mental wellbeing. What is chakra? The term “Chakra” means “wheel” in Sanskrit (an ancient language of India). The wheel depicts energy, which is essential to life. That is why the chakras are often shown as spinning, […]

Preparing the Inner Self for Spring’s Renewal: Drawing Spiritual Breath

Regardless of where we are physically, emotionally, and spiritually; we breathe. This week I am incorporating direct and guide chakra breathing techniques with my daily meditation. My hope is to open my spiritual self to the teachings of the season. My desire is to refine my art and to learn the best methods of spiritual […]

Entertaining Differing Thoughts in the Pursuit of Personal Truth

While Aristotle’s science hasn’t held up to the test of time, his philosophy lives on. While focusing on remaining open to the spiritual benefits of Spring, I find myself pulled to the teachings of Aristotle. He thought so deeply on the world and how mankind may best find personal truth while fulfilling familial and civic […]

Preparing the Inner Self for Spring’s Renewal: Getting Started

On the cusp of Spring sits the possibility of exponential personal and spiritual growth. Preparing one’s mind for this potential maturation will create a fertile environment for development. Walt Whitman’s Song of the Open Road, provides great insight into the idea of visualizing your future circumstances and allowing yourself the clarity to see the path […]