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Copper is one of the oldest materials used by mankind. It was one of the first metals to be fashioned into tools, weapons and copper jewelry. Many believe copper has the power to heal, with a long list of properties associated with both healing and preventative health benefits. From antioxidant capabilities to increased energy production, copper is a metal that has both utility and beauty. The benefits of copper can easily be assimilated with our copper cuff, worn on the wrist. Let’s take a further look at how SuddenShrines copper cuff bracelet can bring healing, awareness and positivity to your life.

Sources of Copper

Copper is one of many trace minerals that the human body needs but cannot produce independently. Most commonly, it functions as an anti-inflammatory agent in the body. Copper cuffs are commonly used for treating arthritis and other skin conditions by direct skin contact, although absorption through the digestive tract is also beneficial. Copper is present in many foods including meat, liver, seafood, beans, soy, whole grains, garlic, almonds, avocados, molasses, beets, lentils and oats. Oysters are one of the richest sources of copper as well. Additionally, copper aids in the absorption of another important trace mineral—iron.

The Health Benefits of Copper

Copper is vital to our body as it helps with the production of myelin, collagen, melanin and hemoglobin. It is integral to fighting premature aging and increasing overall energy levels. Copper maintains various other benefits including balancing thyroid glands, ameliorating arthritis symptoms, accelerating wound healing, increasing red blood cell production and reducing cholesterol. It has also been shown to be a powerful agent in fighting free radicals—the particles in our body that damage genetic material, which ultimately leads to cancer. This means copper has the potential to aid in fighting cancer!

As mentioned above, copper plays a direct role in the production of myelin, collagen and melanin. Copper aids in protecting the myelin sheath, which surrounds the nerves in our spinal cord. It also plays an active role in elastin production—part of the connective tissue that keeps skin elastic and flexible. Healthy elastin production keeps your skin from looking older, while fighting wrinkles and sagging. Copper’s role in melanin production is also notable as it helps maintain the integrity of hair and skin cells. This keeps hair from graying, skin from wrinkling and even maintains the color of your eyes as you age.

Healing the Mind with Copper

Copper has historically been thought of as the metal of the body. It is a natural conductor of energy, grounding us and encouraging the natural balance of energies. It helps balance the Chakras and creates a sense of connection between them. Copper may encourage stronger communication and flow of thoughts and energy when interacting with others. It also might enhance powers of channeling your thoughts, cleansing your spirit, boosting self-esteem and freeing you from mental burdens.

Healing Copper

The health benefits of copper, for both mind and body, continue to be explored as we continue using copper in various ways. Often, copper is matched with magnets due to its natural conductivity to work with energy lines and flows within our bodies, enhancing our overall health and well-being. Uncovering copper’s vital connection to our health continues to bring its value to the forefront of current health trends. Clearly, copper is essential to the health of the human body. Revitalize and heal your body and mind today with SuddenShrines line of copper cuffs and other copper jewelry. Experience the healing and restorative powers of this all-natural and long-revered precious metal.

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