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At SuddenShrines, you’ll find an assortment of attractive handcrafted products. But, there is more to our jewelry than meets the eye. Each gemstone was chosen for its beauty, as well as its meaning or symbolism.  

We’ve all heard that diamonds symbolize true love. Does this mean that nature’s other stones have symbolic meanings? The answer is yes. In fact, throughout history, gemstones were imbued with special powers by cultures around the world.  

Infuse Positivity into Your Life with Natural Elements

When you adorn your home or body with one of my unique pieces, you invite positivity into your realm of existence. If you want to select the right piece that will attune your body to the desired resonance, the following information on gemstone meanings will help. These are the stones most frequently used in my pieces:

  • Amethyst – Known for its beautiful violet coloring, this gemstone is associated with healing, inner strength, spiritual growth, and self-confidence.
  • Rose Quartz – This lovely pink crystal is known for its healing properties and positive influences on matters of the heart, such as love and inner peace.
  • Citrine Quartz – Also known as yellow quartz, its name symbolizes gold and the sun. It is said that Citrine increases self-confidence and willpower. It can help with decision-making and increases inner strength.
  • Lapis Lazuli – This beautiful blue stone is said to relieve negativity and anger, thus keeping the mind stable.
  • Labradorite – It is said that the stronger the color, the stronger its effects. This gemstone is known for helping its owner awaken their abilities and make positive changes in their lives.
  • Fossils – Ammolite is the fossilized shell of ammonites. It is said that the stone holds the primordial Earth energy, giving life-force to its owner by increasing vitality. It is popular due to its rarity, effectiveness, and iridescent color.
  • Howlite – This gemstone is popular for its properties of enhancing the imagination, honing the mind, and improving creativity. It is usually white in color, but is often dyed to resemble turquoise.
  • Turquoise – Known for its healing properties and ability to help a person achieve goals. Its unique light-bluish color makes it a perfect choice for jewelry.
  • Blue Opal – This precious stone is said to increase self-confidence, bring spiritual healing, improve insight and sensitivity, and relieve stress.  
  • Amazonite –  The meaning of Amazonite is balance. This light green stone helps keep its owner’s energy in balance, provides spiritual awareness and self-actualization, and overcomes adversity.
  • Copper – Its high electronic conductivity helps the wearer release negative energy, gain vitality, and improve agility. It is used in jewelry to accentuate the design with a beautiful shine. Wearing copper jewelry is an excellent way to absorb the metal directly through the skin. It is an essential mineral that has many health benefits for humans, but is most known for contributing to improved circulation and relief from arthritis symptoms.  

The benefits of wearing gemstones are widely recognized and acknowledged. Gems have played a role in myths and legends throughout history. Although, many minerals form beautiful crystals that are used in jewelry, gemstones are the most prized. They will continue to inspire us with their mystique and beauty for many generations to come.

Find Your Perfect Piece at SuddenShrines

If you’re searching for the perfect piece of jewelry that reflects your free spirit, please browse my website. You’re sure to find one that speaks to your unique style To learn more about the benefits of wearing gemstones, or for a custom order, please contact me by using the form provided. I’ll be happy to answer your questions!

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