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Your home should be a sanctuary where you can escape the noise and stress of daily life. When you walk through the door, you want to feel the worries and demands of the world melt away. To achieve this sense of nurturing and peace, healing crystals are a holistic way to bring serenity into your space.

Not only are gemstones beautiful for ornamenting your home for beauty, decor and healing, but they also are used in handmade jewelry designed to help you harness their healing powers as you go about your day to day routine. If you’re unsure about the meanings of gemstones and where to use them, the following guide will help.

Favorite Crystals & Rooms of the Home

Of course, there are no set rules about which crystal to use where. But, many people agree that some crystals work best in certain rooms. So, here are some suggestions based on the meaning of the gemstone and how they can improve the mood and energy in different areas of your home.

At the Entryway

Black Tourmaline can be used anywhere in the home, but it is especially powerful when placed near the front door. This gem is known as a negativity transmuter that cleanses off anything you don’t want to bring indoors. It’s also known for its protective powers.

Jade can be used near the entryway to bring in good luck and wealth. Place it by the door or in the front window to attract abundance.

In the Bedroom

Amethyst is known to support balance, calmness, and peaceful energies and will help you connect with your higher spiritual self during sleep.

Rose Quartz is great for the bedroom as it attracts love, selflessness, and gives off gentle, warm energy.  It also heals the tired mind and relieves anxiety to help you sleep well.

For the Kitchen

Calcite is used for its ability to amplify and purify energy. Orange or yellow calcite is best for use in the kitchen. Calcite is also excellent to use in the home office or study because it improves memory and learning abilities.

In the Living Area

Selenite is recommended for this area because this is where many different activities and energies take place. This gemstone is used for releasing stress and correcting negative thinking.

Amber is another choice for the living area. This gem also takes out negative energies and helps balance your mind and feelings.

For the Bathroom

Clear Quartz is a good choice for this room due to its properties of balancing the owner’s energy. It is a symbol of water, and like water, it can absorb and cover everything with kindness. As the bathroom is the place where you cleanse your body, the right gemstone can give a clean look and feel to the room.

Citrine is another good choice for the bathroom. Its orange and yellow colors represent the sun and give a bright, clean look. This gemstone emanates positivity and joy and energizes the solar plexus.

Simple Ways to Display Gemstones in the Home

You can find hundreds of suggestions online for interesting and attractive ways to decorate your home with gemstones. For instance, you can use them as table centerpieces, place them in display cases, glue them to jars, vases, lamps or picture frames, or use as coasters or bookends. Place them on windowsills, in potted plants, or under your pillow. Let your creativity flow.

If you want to wear holistic jewelry as another way to harness the energy of gemstones, take a look at my handmade jewelry collection. You’re sure to find the perfect piece to enhance your style and inner peace. Contact Virginia at SuddenShrines if you have any questions about healing jewelry or if you would like to place a custom order.

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