Throughout history, humans have desired the ability to understand the meaning of life. This desire has led different cultures to strive for this goal in a variety of ways. The Chinese use the ancient text known as the I Ching. In the Bible, the Urim and Thummim were used by the High Priest. Other cultures study celestial bodies through Astrology. Ancient Europeans developed an alphabet known as Runes that consisted of three, eight letter series. Each Rune was believed to have special powers similar to the powers of gemstones.

The early Runic style was known as Futhark. The oldest known example of this style of phonetic spelling dates back to around 150 CE. During the 12th century CE, the Latin alphabet replaced the Runic style. However, Runes were still used for foreseeing the future. The word “Rune” means whisper or secret. They were also credited with magical powers in Norse mythology, and the secrets were known only to an elite few.  

What is the Significance of Having Symbols Stamped on Jewelry?

Since recorded history, we have seen examples of ancient cultures wearing talismans that symbolized specific meanings or messages or gave the wearer certain powers. Even today, despite our technology and scientific explanations for the mysteries of the universe, some people still search for a deeper, more spiritual meaning to life.  

Wearing jewelry stamped with symbols is one way we attempt to connect with the powers of the universe and invite positive influences into our lives. Each symbol is associated with its own unique powers or healing properties. Let’s look at the meanings of one of the most popular symbols, the Kenaz rune.

Accessing Our Inner-Torch: The Powers of Kenaz

This symbol is also known as Ken, Kaunaz, Cen, Kanaz and Kano. Kenaz is associated with knowledge, inspiration, creativity, revelation and vision. The meaning of Kenaz in the Elder Futhark language is “torch” or “torchlight”. It symbolizes inner fire or our inner-torch of sharpness of wit, clarity of thought, reflection and insight. With these gifts, we can learn the secrets of the universe.

Kenaz can also represent the controlled use of fire as in the hearth, which was the center of the home in ancient days. Those who gathered at the hearth were not always family, but were kindred and welcome to join in storytelling and teaching around the family fire.  

Another meaning for Kenaz has to do with the forge, also a type of controlled fire. The forge represents blacksmithing, which required strength and endurance. Blacksmithing is a great example of knowledge and craft, master and apprentice. This male-focused aspect of Kenaz demonstrates the tradition of knowledge that must be passed on from teacher to learner.  

With Kenaz, we can access our inner-forge and illuminate the path on our quest for knowledge. The advantages of this knowledge help us banish the darkness of ignorance and deconstruct our old illusions or beliefs to create ourselves anew.

Find Your Kenaz Jewelry at SuddenShrines

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