Bonfire Musings

Spring time fires are my favorite! The weather is warm enough to spend the entire day working outside.

I like to rise early, before the sun is up, put on my work pants, long sleeves, boots, and gloves. Then head outside while it's still cold to observe what needs to be done.

By the time the day begins to warm, I am totally immersed in the tasks of the day! Throughout the day, all debris is put into my rock edged fire pit; piles of cuttings, brush, logs from downed trees.

After a mid afternoon break, I start the fire and begin to clean up my tools. By the time the sun begins to set, I am swinging gently in my hammock near enough to the flames to keep the cold creeping in with the dark behind me.

Staring into the flames after a long work day is one of my most meditative states. My latest fire watching inspired the Bonfire Copper Cuff. It is reflective yet has the depth required for a vigilant watch.